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At Ardent, we have related our learning expertise to a number of different business challenges and work with you to develop a solution that is focused on results. Some examples are listed below.

Enhance Customer Experience and Improve Engagement

The Internet not only gives consumers the freedom to choose from seemingly unlimited products and services, but it also raises the demand for great service. That's why organizations struggle to find new customers as well as retain their current ones.

See how Ardent helped Weight Watchers increase consumer appeal of its Weekly Meetings

Successful Product Launch

Launching a new product or service can be challenging – resources are stretched thin and timing is critical. Product knowledge needs to be shared across the organization. Sales teams, service personnel and all corporate and regional staff each have different requirements, adding complexity to the task.

Learn how Ardent supported Volvo on the launch of its all-new S60

Training Knowledge Retention

Training budgets are under scrutiny and return on investment is difficult to pin down. That's why Ardent developed a way for students to demonstrate and apply acquired knowledge directly into their work.

See how Ardent trained Hyundai dealership service managers to excel at their jobs

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