In-Car Infotainment Simulation App

  • Provides users several ways to become experts on Volvo's in-car infotainment system
  • Guided, step-by-step video tutorials show how to perform various functions
  • Interactive simulation lets users practice functions without being in a car

Sit back and watch

For the user who wants to just sit back and learn, this web app includes 21 videos with step-by-step instructions on how to use Volvo's Sensus Infotainment system. From pairing a Bluetooth phone to finding a nearby restaurant, this tool shows Volvo sales consultants and customers exactly how to do it.

Try it yourself

For a more interactive experience, this tool includes an immersive simulation of how Sensus actually works in the car. Users can tap on buttons located on the center console, as well as the steering wheel, to navigate through the various menus and perform all types of tasks. When it's not convenient to sit down and practice in a real car, Ardent's Sensus Connect app provides the next best thing.

Hone your skills

For sales consultants that not only want to know how to do everything with Sensus, but also do it the fastest, we've included a fun, game-based activity called the Delivery Challenge. Each game consists of a customer scenario and three related tasks. For each task, users earn points based on speed and accuracy. This all adds up to a final score they'll be tempted to beat, again and again. It's a quick, fun and slightly addicting way to become an expert on Sensus.

Key benefits

  • Sales Consultants can become experts on Sensus, helping them both explain AND sell its value to their customers.
  • Accommodates learners who prefer to be told exactly what to do, and those who like to dive right in and try it themselves.
  • Ardent's Sensus Connect Simulation App is developed to work on iOS and Android™ tablets, as well as Mac® and PC computers.

Watch a video showing the highlights of Ardent's Sensus Connect Simulation App

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