Interactive Service Advisor Guidebook

  • Vehicle technologies and repairs described in a simple, understandable way
  • Information is easy to find and share with customers
  • Help Service Advisors gain customer trust on the drive
  • Developed to work on Mac®, PC, iOS, and Android™ devices

Information at your fingertips

This multi-platform, interactive guide is designed to give Service Advisors a quick and easy way to better understand all types of vehicle repairs, and to share that knowledge with their customers. There are several ways for advisors to find information, from navigating through the intuitive content organization system, to searching by key word, to learning what content is rated most valuable by their peers.

What Problems Does it Solve?

  • This tool will increase accuracy of the information advisors are sharing with their customers about vehicle repairs. And it's easy to push new information out to the field to allow advisors to see it instantly.
  • When you improve customer retention scores by reducing confusion about needed repairs, you create more informed customers who trust and value the relationship with their advisor.
  • When advisors are able to more effectively explain needed repairs or services, their customers are more likely to pay for it, generating more profit for the dealership.

Help Service Advisors Excel

Service advisors don't have it easy. Between the phone calls, walk-ins, unexpected issues and customer demands, they don't have much downtime, if any. So if a customer poses a question about a vehicle repair the advisor doesn't know the answer to, how do they find the answer? Ask one of their busy co-workers? Reference an outdated printed guide? Make their best guess? Ardent's Interactive Service Advisor Guidebook makes it incredibly easy to find those answers, and share them with your customers.

Watch a video showing the highlights of Ardent's Interactive Service Advisor Guidebook

Key Benefits

  • Service advisors will become more knowledgable about vehicle repairs, and provide better service to their customers, resulting in improved confidence, and increased customer pay
  • Content management is quick, easy, and instantly reflected in the tool – no IT support required
  • Ardent's tool is not platform-specific, it just works – on Macs, PCs, Android and iOS tablets and mobile phones

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