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Instructor Led

Instructor-Led Training

  • Engage the class in hands-on practice with performance-based activities
  • Require participants to solve the real-world problems they face on the job
  • Hand-picked through a rigorous selection process, our facilitators rank amongst the best in the industry

Performance-Based Instruction

Still popular, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) is an effective delivery method that continues to deliver results. Ardent brings a fresh approach and ensures that our ILTs incorporate elements of curiosity, challenge, and success — all of which make activities interesting and also help promote knowledge and skills transfer. Ardent ILTs don't involve an instructor talking endlessly to the class.

Hands on, where it matters

Allows users to observe a skill, practice that skill, and apply it to a realistic situation. For example, in a classroom delivered course, managers learned a problem-solving model, practiced using components of the model, and then applied it in three comprehensive case-study simulations where they earned or lost points in small groups based on how they solved the problems.

Knowledge Retention Methodologies

  • Show Strategies: Learners discover why the knowledge and skills are important and observe examples, which sets the foundation and provides facts, concepts, rules, and procedures.
  • Do Strategies: Learners practice the new skills. Instructors present behavior- modeling scenarios and identify behaviors that were performed correctly (and incorrectly).
  • Apply Strategies: Learners practice the skill under the observation of the instructor. Then, learners demonstrate that they could perform the activity by applying what they saw and practiced.

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