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Ardent Custom Learning

Delivery Methods

Ardent's solutions include one, some or all of these elements, depending on what is best for your audience. Our blended learning methods ensure 100% cost-effective coverage.

  • e-Learning: Attention spans are short. Our less-is-more approach with interactive strategies keeps audiences engaged and learning.
  • m-Learning: Our products are designed using new technologies to create simulated customer interactions, video demonstrations and interactive museum-like activities.
  • Webinars: If done correctly, webinars are great tools for introducing or sustaining learning. Ours are short, interactive and use multiple forms of media.
  • Classroom: Face-to-face interaction remains an effective delivery format. There's no substitute for an expert facilitator (someone who can "talk the talk").
  • Video: The rest of the world understands the real impact of video, so why shouldn't the learning world? Thankfully, those traditional, expensive and often painfully unrealistic corporate videos are fading away!

Our Solutions Are

  • Tailored to your brand and culture
  • Based on key success metrics
  • Convenient and digestible
  • Interesting and engaging
  • Developed in the most efficient way possible

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